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FC/PCMS 2023-2024 Hunter Satisfaction Report - CLICK HERE



(02/28/23) The revised, 2023, copy of the FC/PCMS Regulation 200-6, "Wildlife Management and Recreation" can be viewed by clicking HERE.


Prairie Rattlesnake Fact Sheet - CLICK HERE

Snakes of Fort Carson & PCMS - CLICK HERE



Fall 2024 - In order to reduce conflicts between military training, training range maintenance, biological and cultural survey work, range reseeding and rehabilitation programs, prescribed burning, etc., we will only be able to support recreation opportunities at PCMS on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and some federal holidays. 

Checkin & Checkout only via smart phone, tablet or personal computer. Kiosk checkout no longer available.

Training Area checkin now required.  You must check in and out of Training Areas. When you check into a PCMS Training Area - that is the ONLY Area you are authorized to be in. You must check out of a Training Area before going to a new Training Area. Going into an Area you are not checked into will result in penalties and/or fines.

Use detour route through Lockwood Canyon as shown on PCMS recreation map (MSR 2 to MSR3A to MSR 4 to MSR 1B) when MSR 1 is CLOSED due to live fire activity on Range 9, Squad Live Fire, etc. and training on DZ Pinon North.

If PCMS is CLOSED to recreation, that means that access to GMU 147 (USFS) is not available via GMU 142 (PCMS).

Bull Elk 4 Point Antler Restriction: Unlike Fort Carson, this is not an enforcible rule at PCMS (GMU 142).  However, we ask that you refrain from harvesting bulls that don't meet the requirement as described on page 36 of the 2023 CO Big Game Guide.  A reminder that young bulls grow into big bulls, but dead young bulls don't grow into big bulls.


AREAS OPEN for RECREATION (Subject to Change)

PCMS is currently CLOSED. NO open areas.


PCMS CLOSURES (All Dates are Tentative and Subject to Change - Check Closures Daily)

Please continue to check for additional updates as these dates are always subject to change

PCMS is currently CLOSED


Aug & Sept 2024 - We are currently projecting limited recreation/hunting opportunities during this time due to large scale military training.

Fall 2024 - In order to reduce conflicts between military training, training range maintenance, biological and cultural survey work, range reseeding and rehabilitation programs, prescribed burning, etc., we will only be able to support recreation opportunities at PCMS on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and some federal holidays.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns: Click here


Attention Hunters-Don't Forget to:



Due to the increase in military training exercises at PCMS, more demands are being placed on a limited biological resources staff to support the training tempo.  As a result, we are generally closed to all forms of recreation May - August and reopen in September (please continue to check back as additional closures may occur due to the military training schedule). 

Please remember: Hunts during the month of September for Over-the-Counter (OTC) pronghorn archery, OTC elk archery and elk muzzleloader (draw) are all multi-unit hunts which are valid for many other units besides Unit 142 (PCMS).  

  Specific range and training area closures will be printed your down range pass only if printed from a personal printer.  Training area closures 
  and/or road closures (due to inclement weather) will be posted at the top this web page. You will not be able to check into an area that is not available for recreation. Therefore, if you don't see a specific training area when checking in that means its not available for recreation.

 A recreation permit is required for all activities (hunting, horseback riding, hiking, photography, scouting, birding, etc.) on the PCMS. The
 permit is valid for both PCMS and Fort Carson and may be purchased from this website after you set up a profile and watch the safety briefing.

New Recreation Map of PCMS is Now Available.  Training Area Boundaries Have Changed and New Training Areas Have Been Added.  Click here to download.



The PCMS entry gate is located at Mile Marker 24, about 35 miles northeast of Trinidad, CO and 50 miles southeast of La Junta, CO on US Highway 350.  PCMS is 35 miles from the nearest grocery store or gas station, so plan accordingly.

Trinidad to PCMS map click HERE                                                                              

La Junta to PCMS map click HERE



Check-out times listed below are variable and based on amount of daylight during the year.
Late checkouts will result in an automatic administrative hold on the account. Do not check out late!!!

Open weekdays and weekends starting Sept 1 - through Jan 31st (except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, & Christmas) as training allows.  Gate Check-in time is 4:00 AM. 

You may use your smartphone, tablet, or PC to check in. If you are unable to check out, you must call Fort Carson/PCMS Wildlife to check out over the phone at 719-338-9536 or 719-725-4682. Additionally, you must write your permit number and the date on a piece of paper and display it on your dashboard if the kiosk does not print it out. The gate access code is provided during the iSportsman check-in process.



Recreation Safety Briefings are now available online. You must complete and pass a short test at the end of the safety briefing before your can purchase your recreation pass.  If you have specific questions that are not answered in the briefing you may stop by our office in Bldg 300 (Rm C-50) or call 719-338-9536 to talk to one of our wildlife biologists. Call 719-503-6124 if you are military or a contractor and are trying to schedule a training range or a site visit.



To learn more about Colorado hunting and fishing regulations from Colorado Parks & Wildlife click HERE or download the brochures:
Big Game
Sheep & Goat

Small Game                                                                                                                                                                                                        (Note: These PDFs may take awhile to open.)

Hard copys of the above publications are also available in the PCMS hunter check station.



Frequently Asked Questions About Hunting at PCMS
In order to hunt on PCMS you will need to do the following:


  1. Take the online recreation safety brief.
  2. Purchase an annual recreational permit online (to view the permit fees click HERE)
  3. Register your firearms (to find out how to register your firearms and download firearms registration form click HERE)
  4. Check the PCMS web page on the iSportsman website prior to coming to PCMS for any closures (military training or weather related)
  5. Check in at the kiosk or online to print a down range pass prior to heading downrange, and 
    then check out on time at the kiosk when you leave. If the kiosk is down you must call Fort Carson range control to check out at (719) 526-5698.

Click here for more FAQ.



We love to see your photos. Please submit any that you would like to share.
Check out the photos that have already been submitted and tips for taking great harvest photos (see links below). 



The Boone and Crockett Club was founded by Theodore Roosevelt, along with other visionaries in 1887. The B & C Score sheets provide a method by which hunters can score their harvest. The sheets calculate both the gross size (overall antler/horn size with out any deductions) and the final size (which includes the deductions that occur with any loss of symmetry between the antlers/horns). The information on the B & C sheets is analyzed and utilized by the wildlife biologists at PCMS and the Colorado Parks and Wildlife each year prior to developing the hunting management plans for the area. PCMS requires that a B & C Score Sheet is submitted for any animal harvested with horns or antlers, including Plains Deer and Plains Elk harvested in GMU 147. Below is an example of a correctly completed B & C Sheet.

Sample B & C Sheet



The PCMS biologists would like to extend a big "thank you" to all the hunters who have provided their B&C scores sheets. Summaries of the data collected the last 5 hunting seasons at Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS) are available below. Click the links to download a more detailed report. 

2021 PCMS Hunting Report

2022 PCMS Hunting Report

2023 PCMS Hunting Report


We haven't seen one in a few years, but if you do you can take it with a valid CO hunting license.  Be sure you know the difference between an audad and a bighorn sheep.  audad flier


The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has released Canada lynx in southwest Colorado and this threatened species can now potentially be found throughout the state. Please report any sightings to the CPW office and be very sure of your target while bobcat hunting.
CPW small game brochure link.