The principal use of Department of Defense (DOD) lands and waters is to support mission related activities; all other land uses are subordinate. Fort Carson lands and waters are available for non-military purposes in accordance with (IAW) Army Regulation 200-1 (Environmental Protection and Enhancement), Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP), Sikes Act, and Army directives and policies when compatible with the military mission, installation safety and security, ecosystem sustainability, natural resources management, and fiscal responsibility. 

Outdoor Recreation is broadly defined as hunting, scouting, fishing, photography, watching wildlife, botany, birding, collecting antler sheds, and similar activities.  Possession of a State hunting or fishing license, a Federal Duck Stamp, or a Fort Carson recreation permit does not guarantee access to Fort Carson (FC) or the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS).  Firewood collection is also available downrange and access (i.e., permits, range passes) is completed through the iSportsman website, but the firewood program is managed by DPW Forestry.  Go to "Firewood Collection Program" above for information on firewood collection.



Step 1 - Purchase your Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Hunting Permit(s) :Click Here       

**You do not need a Colorado fishing license to fish on Fort Carson - you only need a Fort Carson Fishing Permit** Recreationist are required to obtain and carry the appropriate State or Federal licenses for any activity requiring a license or permit. Current State and Federal requirements are available online.**

Step 2 - Register for a Free iSportsman Account: Click Here

Step 3 - Read the entire FC regulation 200-6: Click Here

Step 4 - Read the Hold Harmless Agreement: Click Here 

All permittees, mentors, and non-participants are required to read this agreement. You will need to read and acknowledge the form when you register, buy a Recreation Permit, and get a Downrange Pass. 

Step 5 - Annual, Mandatory Downrange Safety Briefing: Info

Step 6 - Purchase a Fort Carson Recreation Permit

 A Directorate of Public Works (DPW) recreation permit is required for all outdoor recreation at FC and PCMS, except at Turkey Creek Ranch and Camp Falcon Recreation Areas. The permit is valid on either installation from 1 April or the date of purchase, through the following 31 March. *Must be purchased from your registered iSportsman account and WILL NOT be available until after you've completed the applicable annual safety briefing(s).

Step 7 - Register Firearms 

Firearms, including muzzleloaders, rifles, shotguns, and handguns, must be registered with the Fort Carson Provost Marshal’s Office before transporting onto Fort Carson or PCMS. Firearms are registered by submitting a completed Fort Carson (FC) Form 66-E (Registration of Personal Firearms).  Firearm registration is done one time and may have multiple weapons listed on a single registration form. 

Step 8 - Check for Available Open Areas to Recreate In

Open areas for Fort Carson downrange can be found at the bottom of the "Open Areas" page CLICK HERE These are updated at the end of each week and specify the Block numbers and the TAs within those blocks that can be checked into during that date range. Other information such as archery only or low velocity (LV) restrictions may be assigned to a block. Once you check into an open block and choose your activity, you will receive a downrage pass. When you check in you will only see the block referenced and not the TAs that are listed under it on the Open Areas page. A downrange recreation map to reference the TA locations and layout and for navigation can be found HERE

Step 9 - Obtain a Daily Downrange Pass 

A downrange pass is required to enter any block or training area for wildlife recreational purposes, or firewood collection on Fort Carson and PCMS. A downrange pass is valid for a specific area or a combination of areas and for the date and time specified on the pass. When downrange, a printed-paper or handwritten copy of the pass must be placed on the vehicle dashboard. A downrange pass is not required to fish Womack, Townsend, Haymes, and Northside reservoirs. If you check out and back into a new block downrange you must update your downrange pass on a piece of paper for the new area you are moving to.

Downrange passes can be printed or saved from your iSportsman account after you have completed checkin in for access through your dashboard.

Go to "Downrange Pass" under the "Access" dropdown tab for more information.

Step 10 - Vehicle Entry 

Questions may be directed to:

Entering Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site

To enter PCMS, all recreationists must use the main gate, located on US 350, north of Model, CO and 32 miles northeast of Trinidad. Identification requirements are the same as at Fort Carson.

Crossing the Boundary 

Crossing the installation boundary and entering private or public lands adjacent to Fort Carson or PCMS is prohibited. The only exception is recreationists possessing a permit and range pass may cross the eastern boundary of PCMS to enter Comanche Grassland, U.S. Forest Service property.


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