What does Fort Carson do with your permit fees? (click image to enlarge)

Dog Training


The control of dogs on Fort Carson and Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS) is the sole responsibility of the owner/handler. Fort Carson is not responsible for any injuries sustained by the dog while on Fort Carson or PCMS. Dog owners/handlers cannot enter closed areas or private lands to retrieve a dog. Contact the Police Desk (526-2333) and request the assistance of a Fort Carson Conservation Law Enforcement Officer.  Using live animals for training dogs or contests is prohibited.

  • Shooting caps or blanks:
    • A downrange pass is required for dog trainers or contests shooting caps and/or blanks at any location on Fort Carson (FC) and PCMS.  
    • The requirements for a Down Range Pass apply.  In summary, you will need to: (1) purchase an annual recreational permit, (2) complete the online annual downrange safety briefing, (3) possibly get 120 day Access at Security Visitor Control Center [VCC], and after 1 through 3 are complete, (4) obtain a daily downrange pass.  To see more information on requirements go to "Access" and then to "Recreational Access,  Permit Information, Range Safety Brief, and Downrange Pass." 
    • Go to "Open Areas" to see what Blocks are open for dog training or contests using caps and/or blanks. 
  • NOT shooting caps or blanks:
    • Any person training or conducting contests without shooting caps/blanks at any location on FC and PCMS must purchase a Recreation Permit.
    • To enter FC for recreation, you may need to get a 120-day pass at the VCC. For more information on Recreation Permits and security passes go to "Access" tab above.
    • Entry to conduct training or contests with dogs without caps/blanks are allowed only in specific areas.  Those areas are Bird Farm, Reservoirs (Womack, Townsend, Haymes, and Northside), and Wildlife Demonstration Area (WDA) areas.
      • Training dogs at a reservoir can only occur if no anglers are present.
      • The Wildlife Demonstration Area (WDA) is open for dog training and contests WITHOUT firing blanks/caps.  In this case a Down Range Pass is not required in the WDA.  It is the responsibility of the dog handler for their safety and the safety of the dogs in the WDA when it is also open for hunting.

Recreation Maps

Maps of Ft. Carson and PCMS are now downloadable onto a “PDF maps” application (App) on smart phones. The App is able to show where you are on the map and is interactive. It is highly encouraged to use the app to ensure ground location while recreating on Ft. Carson.  Go to “Maps & Navigation” on iSportsman.

Recreationists are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the recreation map prior to recreating.

Paper maps are still available and can be picked up at:

  • Ft. Carson DPW-Wildlife Office, 1626 Evans St., Bldg. 1219, 3RD Floor; or Range Control Service Desk Bldg. 9550
  • PCMS – Hunter/iSportsman kiosk at the front gate and at Ft. Carson DPW-Wildlife Office.

DPW Wildlife Office Hours are Monday-Friday 0730-1530.