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(12/09/21) - Due to a possible health and safety risk, Northside Reservoir fishing is catch & release only. For the foreseeable future, all fish stocking to Northside is suspended.



Hunting and fishing on Fort Carson and Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS) are in accordance with Fort Carson Regulation 200-6 (Wildlife Management and Recreation) dated 15 August 2014, and Colorado State and U.S. Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) regulations. Fort Carson Game Wardens are authorized to enforce federal and state laws, and DOD and Army regulations. In addition, USFWS and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Law Enforcement Officers are authorized to enter Fort Carson and PCMS to enforce federal and state fish and wildlife laws. The information provided here is a summary of the fishing rules and regulations found in FC Reg 200-6. Recreationists are encouraged to read the regulation prior to fishing on Fort Carson or PCMS. Click HERE to see FC Reg 200-6.

License Requirements

A State fishing license is not required to fish at Fort Carson, but a Fort Carson Hunting/Fishing combo or Fishing Permit is required. There is a 2 rod limit per person.  Except for a State fishing license, all State fishing regulations are enforced on Fort Carson. Bag limits can be found on the reservoir maps under the "Maps & Navigation" tab.

Fishing Areas

Fort Carson Directorate of Public Works-Environmental Division manages Womack, Townsend, Haymes, and Northside reservoirs for fishing. These four reservoirs are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and can be accessed without a downrange pass. We stock the reservoirs throughout the summer (usually every month), April-September, typically with rainbow trout and occasionally other species of trout and warm water fish.  We stock catfish once during the summer, every other year. Townsend and Haymes were stocked with large-mouth bass and bluegill annually for a few years and populations of these two species are self-sustaining. 

Fishing Access

The Fishing and one-day fishing permits require the online only Fishing and Camping Safety Brief prior to purchasing the permit. Fishing and hunting combo permits requires both the Fishing and Camping Brief, Downrange Safety Brief, and UXO Safety Brief. Information about the required safety briefs can be found under the tab "Access" and then by selecting "Range Safety Briefing."

A downrange pass is not required to access the four stocked reservoirs or the Outdoor Recreation Area (aka: Bird Farm —Womack Reservoir is located in the Outdoor Recreation Area).

Fishing at night is permitted at Womack, Townsend, Haymes, and Northside reservoirs. 

Boats and Float Tubes

On Fort Carson, only boats powered by an electric motor or by hand are allowed. Watercraft powered by an internal combustion engine are not allowed. Boating is prohibited on the PCMS. 

All individuals boating or using float tubes, pontoon float tubes, pontoon boats, or other watercraft vessels must wear a Type I life preserver, Type II buoyant vest, or Type III special purpose water safety buoyant device. Life saving devices are installed at each reservoir. Tampering with lifesaving devices located at fishing reservoirs is prohibited and could result in substantial fines and loss of recreational privileges. 

Other Activities

Fort Carson active duty can fish during lunch (Monday-Friday from 1130-1300) without a Recreation Permit or state fishing license.  However, ensure you have your military ID with you if not in uniform.

Children 11 and under fish for free with a 2 pole limit.

Fishing with minnows is authorized at Townsend, Womack, Haymes, and Northside reservoirs In accordance with Colorado Parks & Wildlife regulations.

Swimming and wading are prohibited, except wading during lawful fishing or hunting.

Activities on frozen reservoirs are prohibited, including but not limited to walking, ice fishing, and ice-skating.

A network of irrigation ditches are used to get water to our reservoirs. Removing, disturbing, or modifying any water control device is prohibited.

Picnic pavilions located at Fort Carson fishing reservoirs are available on a first come, first-served basis. Units can reserve exclusive use of a pavilion by contacting the DPW Wildlife Office, (719) 725-4682. Cleaning fish within 50 feet of a pavilion is prohibited.