Directorate of Public Works (DPW) Wildlife and Forestry

Fort Carson:


Fort Carson personnel are restricted to telework due to COVID-19 virus concerns. Checking voicemails will be periodic and it is best to call the fishing and hunting cell phone: (719) 217-3148.  However, please be aware that the cell phone does not have voicemail options.  It is highly recommended that you leave a message when calling the office numbers and ALSO call the cell phone, to ensure you get your questions or concerns addressed.  You may also submit an email at the address below.

Phone: (719) 526-8006 for anything iSportsman, hunting, or fishing related
or call:  (719) 526-3975
iSportsman, hunting, or fishing cell phone: (719) 217-3148

Fax: (719) 526-9830

Wildlife Office Building 1219, rooms 340, 319, and 320 (Hours: 0700-1530 Mon.-Fri.)


Phone: (719) 526-1667 

Forestry Office Building 1219, rooms 343 (Hours: 0700-1530 Mon.-Fri.)

iSportsman Kiosk location: Gate 1/Main, south side Visitor Control Center, Building 6012

Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site:

Phone: (719) 503-6529 (Call this number ONLY for hunting, wildlife and recreation related info)
Fax: (719) 503-6578

Range Control: (719) 503-6124 (Use this number if you military and are trying to schedule a site visit or training range)

iSportsman Kiosk location: utility building just inside main gate on south side of road


Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) Game Wardens 

Phone: (719) 526-2333  NOTE: You cannot contact a DES Game Warden except through the police desk on Fort Carson.  You must request that an officer contact you. 

Provost Marshall Office Building 2700  Phone: (719) 526-6199

Fort Carson Range Control

Phone: (719) 526-6330 (during weekdays, Mon-Fri from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm)
If you get in trouble downrange (including not being able to check out on time for any reason) call this number first: (719) 526-5698.  This number is manned 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.
Range Control Building 9550

Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare, & Recreation - Outdoor Recreation

Phone: (719) 526-5366 (camping at Camp Falcon)
Outdoor Recreation Building 2429 (Open Monday-Friday)