Maps of FC and PCMS are downloadable onto "PDF Maps" application on smart phones.  The app. is able to show where you are on the map and is interactive!!

  • You will always know where you are when downrange and if you are in the correct area you checked into on your Down Range Pass,
  • You will know what Route your on when driving,
  • You will know if you have entered a Restricted Area,
  • PDF Maps has zoom in and out capability and map rotation using smart phone touch screen,
  • And many more exciting helpful tools...

Complete instructions can be opened, downloaded, and printed by clicking here: INSTRUCTIONS

  • To Open and download on the computer, the maps works well in "Google Chrome" and "Mozilla Firefox", but there may be some problems opening and downloading maps in "Internet Explorer"

The FC Recreation Map is downloadable by clicking here: Fort Carson Recreation Map

  • The FC recreation map shows the Gold Routes downrange really well,
  • But, this map does not provide good pictures of the Fishing Reservoirs
    • See below for a map focused on the four Fishing Reservoirs
  • Does not have the detail that the Military Installation Map has, with landmarks marked and Drop Zones delineated

The FC Reservoir Map is downloadable by clicking here: Fort Carson Reservoir Map

The FC Military Installation Map (MIM) is downloadable by clicking here: Fort Carson (Detailed) MIM

  • This map does not delineate the Gold Routes

The  PCMS Recreation Map is downloadable by clicking here: PCMS Recreation Map


For more assistance call: 719-526-8006.