CALL 719-725-4707 BEFORE BUYING A WOOD YARD PERMIT -This is due to the constant fluctuation in available wood at the wood yard.



Firewood collection is available on Fort Carson, but is to be collected for personal use only.  Firewood collected on Fort Carson cannot be collected for a commercial enterprise or resold.

Procedure on How to Obtain a Firewood Collection Permit

Options and prices are below.  Regardless of which option you choose to collect firewood, a Fort Carson Wood Collection permit is required.  The firewood collection program is completely run on iSportsman now (permits must be purchased using a credit or debit card through iSportsman and CANNOT be bought with a check or money order at the office anymore).  Furthermore, downrange wood collection requires annual completion of the online Range Safety Brief and check-in to get a Downrange Pass, which is all done on iSportsman.  Wood collection at Turkey Creek Recreation Area does NOT require a downrange pass, but collection on the rest of Fort Carson does require a downrange pass.  Also, the log splitter permit requires annual completion of the log splitter video.  DOWNRANGE WOOD COLLECTION PERMITS AND LOG SPLITTER PERMITS WILL NOT SHOW UP UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THE REQUIRED TRAINING.

Steps to Operate iSportsman for Wood Collection Permits and TA 20 Access:

  1. You must complete a one-time Registration on iSportsman, which means you will set up your personal account.  If you have not done this yet go to “Account Register & Log In Site" at the top of the page and select "Register" from the drop down.  After you create your account, henceforth, you will select “Login” from the dropdown to access your account.  Please see the home page for further information about registering and accounts on iSportsman.
    • You must access your account to buy permits, to watch the log splitter training video, get a downrange pass, to change or update your personal information, and to see your history and other relevant information.
    • For downrange activities including firewood collection, the required annual downrange safety brief and UXO safety brief are available through your iSportsman account under "My Safety Briefs." For more details, go to the "Access" drop down menu on the iSportsman homepage and select "Range Safety Briefing."
  2. To buy a “Wood Yard” permit, after logging into your account, go to “Acquire Permits” at the top and select “Wood Yard permit”.
  3. To buy a "Log Splitter" permit, you must first take the log splitter training video annually by going to “My Safety Briefs” in the blue bar at the top of the screen.  Select the hyperlink that says "Ft. Carson Wood Cutting Brief", read the instructions and complete the log splitter training video.  The Log Splitter Permit will NOT be visible until you complete your annual log splitter training.
    • After completion, you will be directed to the permits page to purchase your permit (permits can be bought at that time or later).
  4. To collect wood downrange and get a “Down Range Firewood” permit:
    • You must first take the range safety brief (each year) by going to “My Safety Briefs” in the blue bar at the top of the screen.  Select the hyperlink, read the instructions, and complete the range safety brief.  Downrange wood collection permits will NOT be visible until you complete your annual Range Safety Brief.
    • After completion, you will be directed to the permits page to purchase your permit (permits can be bought at that time or later).  Please see the home page for further information about the range safety brief.
    • To access the wood collection site downrange in TA 20 on WEEKENDS ONLY you must obtain a Downrange Pass, which can only be obtained after completion of the safety brief and purchase of a downrange wood permit inside your account.
      • Click on blue “Checkin / Checkout” tab and complete each prompt to get your downrange pass.
      • Customers must check out via a cell phone or computer through their iSportsman account. If you have trouble checking out call 719-725-4682.
  5. For access to TA 20 on WEEK DAYS, go to range control (Bldg 9550) or call (719) 526-6330 to see if access to TA 20 is available. If it is, you will go to range control and get your downrange pass and CHECK IN AND OUT at their office.
  6. To access Turkey Creek Recreational Area for wood collection you do not need a downrange pass - simply access the area via State Highway 115 with your permit and valid identification.

General Information and Safety


Contact Information

Fort Carson offers the following two wood collection options:

  1. Collection through the installation wood yard

  2. Collection downrange

Wood Yard

The main installation wood yard program contains wood generated from routine maintenance or removal of trees within the cantonment area of the post, which is processed into 16 inch long sections of log and delivered to the wood yard. The log sections must be split.  The selection of wood will vary, so it is best to call the Installation Forester for the types and amounts of wood currently available.


Location and Contact Information


BE AWARE that DPW Bldg. 1219 is locked after 4:00 pm Monday-Friday.  If the key is not returned before DPW Bldg. doors are locked, return the key as soon as possible the next business day.  



Log Splitter

Wood Yard Permit Prices

Downrange Collection

The downrange firewood program is a cut-your-own wood program at designated locations within training and recreation areas downrange.  The cutting areas are identified based on forest thinning projects, fire mitigation projects, and wood salvage projects in wildfire areas. Wood species usually available for collection include cottonwood, scrub oak, pinyon pine, and juniper.  With the exception of the Turkey Creek Recreation Area, access to other areas is controlled by Range Control and require a downrange pass.  Information on acquiring a permit, taking the range safety brief, and getting a downrange pass is shown at the top of this page.

Downrange Collection Rules and Guidelines

Downrange Safety

Downrange Collection Prices

More Information

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Downrange Wood Collection Area Maps

Turkey Creek Cutting Area

TA-20 Cutting Area