Requirements That Must Be Met Before Obtaining a Downrange Pass

Prerequisites to obtaining a downrange pass are (1) complete the annual downrange safety briefing on iSportsman, (2) purchase an annual recreation permit or a downrange firewood collection permit on iSportsman, and (3) do a one-time registration of your firearms (if hunting). Click here

The Block System

On Fort Carson, a downrange pass is generally available for 1 or more training areas termed a “block.” The pass is valid for a single block. When hunting is allowed at Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS), generally the entire installation is available (excluding the cantonment) unless the firing ranges, safety fans, and training areas are being used.  Downrange firewood collection will use Training Areas not Blocks and PCMS does not use Blocks.


Recreationists can obtain and print a downrange pass online at any computer with an internet connection and a printer or at a kiosk (kiosk is currently being replaced and is non-operational).  If unable to print a pass, then an electronic copy is allowed (i.e., on smart phone).  If pass not printed, the recreationist must provide a legible hand-written paper pass and have it on their vehicle dashboard at all times.  The Fort Carson kiosk is located out front of the of Range Control Building 9550 on Wilderness Road. The PCMS kiosk is located in a shed near the main gate off highway 350.

When to Obtain a Downrange Pass

A downrange pass can be obtained after 2200 on the day before the areas are available; however, access to go downrange is not until 0400 hours on the day of your pass.  access to downrange is not until 0400 hours the day of your pass.. However, sometimes areas may become available later in the day; these areas will be posted as they become available for recreation.  Range passes are obtained on a first come, first serve basis.

Procedure for Obtaining a Downrange Pass

Select “Check-in” from your personal account's Home page and complete the required information.  If you use the kiosk to obtain the pass, take your time and do not try to rush the system. If the system does not seem to be responding, wait and allow the system to process your information. If you attempt to speed the process by clicking return or submit more than once the check-in process may be aborted.  

Downrange Pass Rules

  • A downrange pass is valid for a specific block composed of one or more training areas for the date and time specified on the pass. PCMS return times are posted at the kiosk.  Those with a downrange firewood collection permit will select the "Firewood" block and/or parent to get a downrange pass to collect firewood.
  • The paper copy of the downrange pass (either electronic or hand-written) must be placed on the vehicle dashboard so that the information is visible through the windshield.
  • A downrange pass is required for hunting, by any method, at any location on Fort Carson or PCMS.
  • Youth, 17 years of age or younger, are not required to obtain a downrange pass.
  • Mentors, accompanying a youth hunter 17 years old or younger, must have a downrange pass.
  • Non-participants are not required to get a downrange pass, but are only allowed downrange with a customer, age 18 years of age or older, who has a valid downrange pass. 
  • A downrange pass can be revoked in the field by Fort Carson law enforcement or Range Control personnel.
  • A downrange pass is not required on Fort Carson to fish in Northside, Haymes, West Haymes, Townsend, or Womack reservoirs. A downrange pass is not required to enter the Outdoor Recreation Management Area/Bird Farm unless you are training dogs with blanks or caps. These areas are open 24 hours daily.
  • A downrange pass is required for dog trainers using blanks or caps at any location on Fort Carson or PCMS.  The Wildlife Demonstration Area and Outdoor Recreation Management Area/Bird Farm requires a downrange pass for dog training if you are shooting blanks. 

Checking Out

  • Recreationists must checkout at Rangle Control Building 9550 by the required return time stated on the pass. 
  • If you fail to checkout, your account will be put on hold for 6 months.

Changing a Downrange Pass

To change a downrange pass, the permittee must check out and then obtain a new pass.