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11 JUNE 2021

Fort Carson: High / Piñon Canyon: High


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Fort Carson is conducting extensive and prolonged military training during the fall & winter of 2021, including the normal big game seasons - hunting opportunities will be limited. These limited hunting opportunities should be considered when purchasing hunting tags. 


 - Revised Fort Carson Recreation Map added as of 23 April 2021 - please download by clicking: here 

  • We recently updated our recreation map to reflect new off-limits areas, primarily in TA 18. Please download the new map that reflects these changes - it is your responsibility to make sure that you are not hunting in restricted areas!

 - The Directorate of Emergency Services now offers an online visitor portal for visitors to apply for an installation access pass. Click Here


Important Information & Recent News

 COVID-19 & Recreational Access for DOD and NON DOD ID Card Holders: 

  • Current HPCON Level : Bravo (updated 06/08/21)

Fishing Reservoirs

Thank you for all the concerns being voiced over the water levels and fish in Haynes Reservoir. Please see below.

  • Haynes Reservoir dam stability repairs will be ongoing from June to at least September 2021. Water will be very low in the reservoir until repairs have been completed and we will not be stocking the reservoir with fish during this time.
  • The Womack Reservoir dock has been repaired and is now safe to use.
  • As of April 1, 2020, fishing at Haynes reservoir will follow Colorado Parks & Wildlife's bag limits and Fort Carson 200-6 regulation. 

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus Type 2 (RHDV2)

Important Notice - We Need Your Help

What is it?

State wildlife officials in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah are working to track, manage, and prevent a deadly, highly contagious disease that infects wild and domestic rabbits and hares.

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus Type 2 (RHDV2) is NOT transferrable to humans or other animals.

RHDV2 has been confirmed in the following areas by Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW).

  • Alamosa (wild cottontail and jackrabbits)
  • El Paso (feral rabbits, wild jackrabbits and domestic rabbit)
  • Montezuma (domestic rabbit)
  • Prowers (wild cottontails)
  • Pueblo (wild cottontails)
  • Weld (domestic rabbit)
  • Adams (jackrabbits)

CPW Fact Sheet


For more information on RHDV2: Click Here


The Bird Farm Recreation Area: OPEN for non-consumptive recreation only. 

  • This includes dog training with or without caps/blanks, hiking, photography, etc. 
  • To recreate in the Bird Farm you must get a down range pass and the Bird Farm has a maximum occupancy of five people.  
  • You are required to stay at least 50 feet from any active bird nests, including the artificial bird nest boxes in the Bird Farm.
  • For weekend hunting opportunities in the Bird Farm Rec Area for December 2022 check back for updates in the fall/winter.


The KIOSK at GATE 1 is OUT OF ORDER. Check outs must be done at range control no later than 2130 and failure to do so will put a default administrative hold on your account for 6 months.

When Checking-in at the Kiosk:  If kiosk does not print your downrange pass, you need to check-in on iSportsman and then write your pass information on paper.  For your convenience, paper is provided at the kiosk to write your information on and put on the dash of your vehicle.  FC 200-6 Regulation 3-8, e. & f. states:

  • e. Customers obtaining a pass online must print a copy of the pass from their iSportsman account.  If unable to print a downrange pass when checking-in (e.g., using a mobile device), the customer must provide a legible hand-written paper pass. 
  • f. Hand-written paper passes must include the customer’s name, permit number, the date, and training area or block the customer is checked into.  A hand-written downrange pass can only be used after the customer has successfully completed the check in procedure on the iSportsman website and does not have access to a printer.



  • Camp Falcon is NOT open for hunting
  • Fort Carson is not a Trophy Buck management area.  Our deer population has been drastically reduced via over harvest to research several methods to control chronic wasting disease (CWD).
  • All persons getting a downrange pass should be familiar with map reading and land navigation prior to accessing downrange areas.
  • DO NOT ENTER training areas that are not part of the Block on your Downrange Pass.


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