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Fire Danger Rating:  Fort Carson - Moderate;  Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site - High (updated 7/1/2020)


***NOTICE - IMPORTANT INFORMATION***  (Updated 3 July 2020)

  • Attention Anglers:  Womack Reservoir dock is OPEN NOW.  The boards have been repaired or replace and are safe to use now.
  • Fort Carson is NOW ALLOWING CHECK-IN, for a down range pass ONLINE VIA ISPORTSMAN, using computer or smart phone.  But, CHECK-OUT, to leave or change blocks, is ONLY IN PERSON AT RANGE CONTROL (bldg. 9550).  Earliest check-in is 2200 hrs (10:00 pm) the night before, but no one is allowed down range until 0400 the next morning.  Latest check-out is still no later than 2000 hours (8:00 pm).
  • Currently, only those with a DoD ID card are allowed on Fort Carson due to the COVID-19 virus and Fort Carson's Health Protection Condition (HP CON) C status.  All COVID-19 safety measures must be followed, which includes staying at least 6 feet away from other people (except those you live with in your home) and wear a mask when near other people.
  • The kiosk at Gate 1 is out of order at this time.
  • The Bird Farm Recreation Area is open for NON-CONSUMPTIVE recreation ONLY.  This includes dog training with or without caps/blanks, hiking, etc.  To recreate in the Bird Farm you must get a down range pass and the Bird Farm has a maximum occupancy of five people.  You are required to stay at least 50 feet from any active bird nests, including the artificial bird nest boxes in the Bird Farm.
  • All customers who bought an annual recreation permit between April 1-20, 2020, your current permits and safety briefs say "2019-20" in the name/title, but the valid dates are still correct (valid until March 31, 2021).  These permits and safety briefs are still valid for the year.  There was a problem with the permits and this mislabeled the permits and safety brief and they cannot be changed.  Conservation Law Enforcement Officers are aware of the situation.
  • Starting April 1, 2020, fishing at Haymes reservoir will follow Colorado Parks & Wildlife's bag limits and Fort Carson 200-6 regulation.  Unlimited take of fish from Haymes is no longer allowed.
  • Fort Carson (GMU 591) is now included in the bull elk four point Antler-Point Restrictions.  See page 35-36 in the Colorado Parks & Wildlife's 2020 Colorado Big Game brochure for more information.
  • The Fort Carson Wood Collection Program is suspended until further notice, due to COVID-19.

Annual Hunting/Fishing permits are valid from 1 Apr 2020 to 31 Mar 2021

To be able to see and purchase a 2020-21 Annual Hunting/Fishing Permit(s), you must:
​1. Complete (or have completed) "Account Registration".
​2. Complete (or have completed)  "Annual Range Safety Brief".
* Only the wood yard permit will be visible until you complete the Annual Range Safety Brief.
​For more information click on Program Info (Drop Down Menu).

***All recreationists, including fishermen, must complete the annual range safety brief before any permits will show or be available.  Click HERE for more information.

***NOTICE: When Checking-in at the Kiosk:  If kiosk does not print your downrange pass, you need to check-in on iSportsman and then write your pass information on paper.  For your convenience, paper is provided at the kiosk to write your information on and put on the dash of your vehicleFC 200-6 Regulation 3-8, e. & f. states:

  • e.  Customers obtaining a pass online must print a copy of the pass.  If unable to print a downrange pass when checking-in (e.g., using a mobile device), the customer must provide a legible hand-written paper pass. 
  • f.  Hand-written paper passes must include the customer’s name, permit number, the date, and training area or block the customer is checked into.  A hand-written downrange pass can only be used after the customer has successfully completed the check in procedure on the iSportsman website and does not have access to a printer.

***Fort Carson's 200-6 Regulation, Wildlife Management and Recreation, has been revised (dated 17 May 2018).  It is HIGHLY advised that everyone recreating on FC read this regulation in its entirety.  Also a Supplemental Information Document was created to hopefully assist with understanding rules and steps to recreate on FC.  Also, posted on this document are newly Reduced Recreation Permit prices for some customers and information concerning printing permits/passes, youth and non-participants.

  • To view the New Information Document click HERE
  • To view the New FC 200-6 Regulation click HERE

There are new procedures to recreate and collect firewood on FC and Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS)

    • If it is your first time on iSportsman (for recreation and/or firewood collection) OR if it is your first time on FC iSportsman since August 28, 2017: Customers must first Register and create an account.  Go to "Register"  from the "Account Register & Log In Site" drop down.
    • Enter information and remember your login ID (user name) and password to log in to the site after registration is complete.  However, if you have previously registered on iSportsman at another installation or facility across the U.S. -  You do not need to register on the Fort Carson iSportsman.  Instead, select "Login" and use the username and password that you created at the other installation's iSportsman.  Select YES, when asked if you want to join the Fort Carson iSportsman Portal. 
    • Hence forth, after registering, you will log into your account by selecting "Login". 
    • All actions on iSportsman (i.e., watching the range safety brief, buying & printing permits, getting a down range pass, updating personal information) can only be done while logged into your personal account.  
    • There is a new procedure to acquire a firewood collection permit and downrange pass for Downrange Wood Collection.  All wood collection permits (i.e., wood yard or downrange wood collection) and the wood splitter rental are bought here on Fort Carson's iSportsman website.  Permits cannot be purchased in-person anymore.  Go to "Firewood Collection Program" above for all the details and instructions on how to buy your firewood permits.

​​​***If you have questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions for services provided by Fort Carson and/or the Fort Carson Recreation Program, you are welcome to submit an Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) form by going here:  Welcome to the Fort Carson ICE Site

*** For information on PCMS *** (e.g.. closures, safety briefs, & other information specific to PCMS) visit the  PCMS Info page  above.

***Important Information about***

  • Free Wounded Warrior Hunt License - information is found on the Hunting page or Click HERE
  • Access to Fort Carson Installation - Click HERE

***What does Fort Carson do with your permit fees? (click image to enlarge)


  • Camp Falcon is NOT open for hunting
  • Attention hunters - Fort Carson is not a Trophy Buck management area.  Our deer population has been drastically reduced via over harvest to research several methods to control chronic wasting disease (CWD).
  • All persons getting a downrange pass should be familiar with map reading and land navigation prior to accessing downrange areas.
  • DO NOT ENTER training areas that are not part of the Block on your Downrange Pass.


Directions To PCMS 

The PCMS gate is located at mile marker 24, about 35 miles northeast of Trinidad and 50 miles southeast of La Junta on US Highway 350.  The installation is 35 miles from the nearest store or gas, so plan accordingly. For more information on hunting at PCMS please visit the PCMS page.