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Appendix B Permit Fees

All permit fees must be paid through the Web-Based Automated Recreation System (WBARS) and are good for up to one year (1 April - 31 March), unless specified otherwise.

Free (No Permit Required) - No permit is needed for recreationist 11 years of age or younger.

$1 Permit - This Fort Carson recreation permit, which includes hunting, fishing and non-consumptive recreation, is for Colorado Veterans who are:

  • Possessors of a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Veteran's Lifetime Combination Small Game Hunting/Fishing License (VA Combo License), or
  • Purple Heart recipients who possess documented proof, or
  • Combat wounded Soldiers in the Wounded Warrior or Safe Harbors program that possess a physician's statement certifying the status of a patient's medical condition.

$10 One Day Fishing Permit - This Fort Carson recreation permit is for One Day Fishing Only.  Includes non-consumptive recreation.

$25 Senior, Youth, and/or Non-Consumptive  Permit - This Fort Carson recreation permit is for:

  • Seniors who are 64 years of age or older. Includes hunting, fishing and non-consumptive recreation.
  • Youth Recreation between 12-17 years of age. Includes hunting, fishing and non-consumptive recreation. 
  • Adult Non-Consumptive Recreation (e.g., birding, camping, sight-seeing, antler shed hunting).
  • Civilians who possess a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Free Lifetime Fishing License.
  • Includes non­ consumptive recreation.

$30 Fishing Permit - This Fort Carson recreation permit is for FISHING ONLY, between 18-63 years of age. Includes non- consumptive recreation.                                                           ·

$40 Hunting Permit - This Fort Carson recreation permit is for HUNTING ONLY, between 18-63 years of age.  Includes non­ consumptive recreation.

$50 Combo Fishing and Hunting Permit - This Fort Carson recreation permit is for COMBINATION  FISHING and HUNTING, between 18-63 years of age. Includes non-consumptive recreation.

$500 Special Use Permit - This Fort Carson recreation permit is for approved Hunting Clubs and requires a MOU signed by the Garrison Commander.

Glossary Section II - Terms

Fishing (Fishing only Permit):  Any form of collecting fish or other vertebrates from bodies of water on Fort Carson.

Hunting (Hunting only Permit):  Any form of wildlife harvest practices (e.g., rifle, muzzleloader, bow, crossbow, traps, dog training with caps and/or blanks), other than wildlife living in bodies of water, on Fort Carson.

Combo Fishing and Hunting Permit:  Permit that allows fishing, hunting, and non-consumptive recreation as described herein.

Non-consumptive:  Any recreation on FC or PCMS that does not involve disturbing or harvesting of wildlife and/or natural resources (e.g., birding, camping, sight-seeing, antler shed hunting, dog training without caps and/or blanks).

Senior, Youth,  and/or Non-consumptive  Permit:  Recreation permit for those aged 12 to 17 and those aged 64 years and older.  Persons purchasing this permit within those age limits will be able to conduct all wildlife recreation to include fishing, hunting, and non-consumptive recreation.   Persons who are not within those age limits, who purchase this permit, will be engaging in non-consumptive recreation only.


First stocking of rainbow trout for the summer is expected around the end of April 2016.

ATTENTION: Please read the bullets below before proceeding with iSportsman. There  is important information to read about the upgraded iSportsman before you proceed. Thank you.

  1. When purchasing Recreation Permits, Please put Permitee's name in "Permit Information" and Card holder's name in "Payment Information". Permitee's name may be different than Card holder's name. 

  2. Ensure that the number you provide on your permit is a cell phone that is with you and can be used while on Fort Carson or Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS).

  3. It takes about 2 business days to clear your Recreation Permit with Security at the Visitor Control Center (VCC; bldg. 2012) before you can get an 120-day visitor access pass to enter Fort Carson.  This does not apply to Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS).  Do not wait to buy your Recreation Permit on the same day you are wanting your 120-day access pass to Fort Carson (see New Visitor Access Policy below).  You can still get a 1-day access pass.

  4. Recreation Permits can ONLY be purchased Online now.  You may purchase your Recreation Permit by going to Buy Permit tab above and follow the instructions.  Recreation Permits can be purchased with a credit or debit card.  Please ensure you print your Recreation Permit and have it with you when recreating on the installations.  Recreation Permits are NO longer sold at MWR Outdoor Recreation or from personnel at PCMS.  If you need assistance with purchasing your permit or have questions, please call 719-526-8006 or 719-524-5393.

  5. Your new Recreation Permits purchased from this site will not have your name on it.  Only your Permit number and PIN will be on the Recreation Permits.  This is subject to change in the future.

  6. See information below on Visitor Access for Recreationist.

  7. We are NOT issuing FREE Recreation Permits anymore.  All those who previously qualified for a Free Recreation Permit will now pay a nominal fee of $1.00.  Go to Buy Permits tab to see permit prices and purchase permits.

  8. The process is the same for acquiring the Downrange Pass, which you can do by clicking on Check-in/out tab.  Please go to Downrange Pass under Access tab above for more information about downrange passes. 


10 antlerless deer and 10 antlerless elk licenses available on first come first serve basis.

Information and the Application can be found by clicking HEREThe hunt code will be D-F-591-L1-R for deer and E-F-591-L1-R for elk. 


  1. Must be active duty.
  2. Must be a Colorado resident OR stationed in Colorado.
  3. Must have a statement from a physician.

Mail completed application to:  Colorado Parks And Wildlife, Attn: Wounded Warrior Program, 6060 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216.

To see Colorado Parks and Wildlife Wounded Warrior Regulation click HERE.

Fort Carson requirements still need to be completed before going Down Range. For more information on Fort Carson recreation requirements go to "Access" tab at the top.  For more information on guided hunts, please call Range Control at 719-526-9717.  When leaving message, make sure to leave name, phone number, and reason for the call.  For more information call 719-526-8006.

*** For information on PCMS (e.g. closures and safety briefs) visit the ***
PCMS page under the Program Info tab.


Fort Carson has New Visitor Access Policy

Fort Carson (FC) changed its access control policies and procedures.  The purpose for these changes are to increase the installation's security posture and conform to regulatory guidance. The changes will impact all non-Department of Defense (DoD) ID card holders requesting unescorted access to the installation.  The following changes will take place:

  • All non-DoD ID card holders requesting unescorted access will be  required to undergo a NCIC III (criminal history background) check prior to accessing the installation.
  • A new pass format will be implemented that is tied to the individual and contains a photo of the individual and a bar code.
  • Personnel who do not pass the NCIC III check will be denied access to the installation.

All non-DOD ID card holder personnel requesting access will need to report to the Visitor Control Center (VCC) located at Building 6012, with a valid state or federally issued photo ID (driver's license if driving), vehicle registration, and proof of insurance (if applicable).  All personnel must have a valid reason for accessing the installation.

Re-occurring Access

  1. Purchase Recreation Permit from this web site and Print out the permit.  Go to Buy Permits tab above or click HERE.
  2. Take your printed Recreation Permit to the VCC.  They will conduct an NCIC III background check and if approved will issue you a 120-day pass.
  3. Show the 120-day pass to security guard when passing through the manned gates to recreate on Fort Carson.
  4. When your current 120-day pass expires you will have to go to the VCC and get a new 120-day pass issued.

NOTE: This new policy does not apply to Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS) visitors.

Questions may be directed to:

  • VCC at (719) 526-2332
  • Security & Access Control Office at (719) 526-5543.
  • Any other problems with the process, you may call (719) 526-8006.


  • Camp Falcon is NOT open for hunting
  • Attention hunters - Fort Carson is not a Trophy Buck management area.  Our deer population has been drastically reduced via over harvest to research several methods to control chronic wasting disease (CWD).
  • All persons getting a downrange pass should be familiar with map reading and land navigation prior to accessing downrange areas.
  • Game Management Unit (GMU) 591 - All Elk and Deer need to be taken to Colorado Parks & Wildlife on Sinton Road for mandatory CWD testing.  Elk have recently tested positive for CWD in our area.  Deer will also have one lower incisor removed for aging and a DNA sample taken for genetic research on CWD.
  • DO NOT ENTER training areas that are not part of the Block on your Downrange Pass.


Checking Out at the Kiosk

You must check out at the kiosk when leaving Fort Carson or PCMS. If you cannot checkout, then turn in your pass at Range Control.

Additionally, if you have problems checking in or out with iSportsman, please go to Range Control to do manual check-in/ out.



Directions To PCMS 

The PCMS gate is located at mile marker 24, about 35 miles northeast of Trinidad and 50 miles southeast of La Junta on US Highway 350.  The installation is 35 miles from the nearest store or gas, so plan accordingly. For more information on hunting at PCMS please visit the PCMS page.