1. All firearms transported on to Fort Carson and Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS) must be registered with the Fort Carson Provost Marshal’s Office (PMO): Building 2700,  Phone(719) 526-6199.

  2.  Firearms must be registered by submitting a completed Fort Carson (FC) Form 66-E (Registration of Personal Firearms).

  3. Firearm registration is done one time and may have multiple weapons listed on a single registration form.  Firearm Registration FC Form 66-E needs to be completed and submitted anytime a new weapon is acquired that was not approved on a previous FC Form 66-E.

  4. To register a firearm:

    • The FC Form 66-E can be downloaded and printed by clicking here for .docx format OR click here for .pdf format- If download does not work, try using a different browser or right click the hyperlink with your mouse, select "Save Target As" and download file to your computer. The form also is available at the Police Desk (where the Provost Marshal is located), Building 2700, 7227 Christie Street on Fort Carson or can be requested by mail.

    • To request the form by mail, send a request with a self-addressed stamped envelope to: DES, Police/Provost Marshal Division, ATTN: Weapons Registration, 7227 Christie St., Fort Carson, CO 80913.

    • The following information is required to register a firearm: social security number, name, address, phone number, and serial number, make/model, caliber/gauge, barrel length, and overall length of each firearm. Do not bring the firearm to Fort Carson for registration.

    • The form can be completed and taken, in person, to the Fort Carson Police Desk or mailed.

    • To register a firearm by mail, send the completed form and include a self-addressed stamped envelope to: DES, Police/Provost Marshal Division, ATTN: Weapons Registration, 7227 Christie St., Fort Carson, CO 80913.

  5. Regardless of the method chosen to register a firearm, you must allow 2-3 weeks for the form to be processed. Don't wait until a few days before you plan to hunt to submit the form.

  6. The completed form can be picked up in person at the Fort Carson Police Desk or it can be mailed.  The FC Form 66-E is approved when PMO stamps it and delivers it to the applicant.  Delivery is complete when PMO either hands the form or mails the form to the applicant. Responsibility for obtaining the form and ensuring the registration process is completed rests with the recreationist.

  7. The approved form must be carried by the hunter when possessing a firearm on Fort Carson or PCMS. If you previously registered a firearm, but no longer have a copy of the form, or if you submitted the form and never received a copy of the approved form, call 719-526-6199

Carry/Transport Firearms 

Recreationist must follow Fort Carson Regulation 190-4, "Prohibited and Regulated Conduct" when bringing and/or Transporting a firearm onto Fort Carson or PCMS.  Chapter 2 of the FC Reg 190-4 descibes handling and transporting firearms on the installations.  Click HERE to open and view the Regulation.