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-- Fort Carson stocked rainbow trout into Womack, Townsend, and Haymes Reservoirs on 21 July 2015. 
--  Fort Carson has New Visitor Access Policy
Beginning 1 May 2015 Fort Carson will change its access control policies and procedures.  The purpose for these changes are to increase the installation's security posture and conform to regulatory guidance. The changes will impact all non-DoD ID card holders requesting unescorted access to the installation.  The following changes will take place
~ All non-DoD ID card holders requesting
unescorted access will be  required to undergo a NCIC III (criminal history background) check prior to accessing the installation.
~ A new pass format will be implemented that is tied to the individual and contains a photo of the individual and a bar code.
    ~ Personnel who do not pass the NCIC III check will be denied access to the installation.

All non-DOD ID card holder personnel requesting access will need to report to the Visitor Control Center (VCC) located at Building 6012, with a valid state or federally issued photo ID (driver's license if driving), vehicle registration, and proof of insurance (if applicable).  All personnel must have a valid reason for accessing the installation.

If requesting re-occurring access, as most of you recreationist will be, you will need to get a one-day pass from VCC, an NCIC III check, and go to MWR Outdoor Recreation complex (Bldg. 2429, Specker Ave.) to purchase your Recreation Permit.  Then take your Recreation Permit that you receive from MWR to the VCC and they will issue you a 120-day pass card.  You will be able to show the 120-day pass card when you pass through the gates to recreate on Fort Carson.  When 120-day card has expired, you will have to get another 120-day pass card from VCC.

NOTE: This new policy does not apply to PCMS visitors.
Questions may be directed to the VCC at (719) 526-2332 or the Security & Access Control Office at (719) 526-5543.  Any other problems with the process, you may call (719) 526-8006.


-- Attention hunters - Fort Carson is not a Trophy Buck management area.  Our deer population has been drastically reduced via overharvest to research several methods to control CWD.  

-- GMU 591 -
All Elk and Deer need to be taken to Colorado Parks & Wildlife on Sinton Road for mandatory CWD testing.  Elk have recently tested positive for CWD in our area.  Deer will also have one lower incisor removed for aging and a DNA sample taken for genetic research on CWD.

-- Do NOT ENTER training areas that are not part of the Block on your Downrange Pass.

All Recreation Permits must be bought at either MWR Outdoor Recreation on Fort Carson or at Bldg. 300 on PCMS.  Please go to "Purchase a Permit" tab to view

Permit Activation
If you purchased a permit AFTER attending the safety briefing, you must contact us to have your permit activated.  You cannot get a downrange pass unless your permit is activated.  Please contact us no later than the Thursday before the weekend you wish to hunt to avoid issues at 719-526-8006 or 719-524-5395.  If you still can't check in through iSportsman, take your green range safety card to Range Control to check in/out.

Checking Out at the Kiosk
You must check out at the kiosk when leaving Fort Carson or Pinon Canyon. If you cannot checkout, then turn in your pass at Range Control.

Anglers, Dog Trainers, & Birders and Downrange Passes 
Please ignore the "your permit is automatically put on administrator hold" when purchasing a permit as this only applies if you are accessing areas other than our stocked lakes and need a downrange pass.  If you plan only to fish in our stocked lakes or enter the Bird Farm and the WDA for dog training (without caps/blanks) or other recreational pursuits, you don't need to attend the downrange safety briefing.  You can enter these areas without a downrange pass, but you still need a Fort Carson recreation permit to fish. Even if your permit is free, you must still get a permit.  If you plan to go downrange or training dogs with caps/blanks, we must know that you attended the Range Control downrange safety briefing. 

NOTICE To Hunters
All persons getting a downrange pass should be familiar with map reading and land navigation prior to accessing downrange areas.

Getting To Pinon Canyon
The Pinon Canyon gate is located at mile marker 24, about 35 miles northeast of Trinidad and 50 miles southeast of La Junta on US Highway 350.  The installation is 35 miles from the nearest store or gas, so plan accordingly. For PCMS specific information (range closures, safety brief schedule, camping, harvest data etc) click here.
We Want Your Photos
Sooner or later we will have a photo gallery.  
Click here to send us your wildlife photographs or to get additional information.  For all of you that submitted photos of your hunting and fishing expeditions , thank you and we will get them online in a few weeks.

Special thanks to SSG Clint Skogen, Dennis Hess, Jim McDermott, Russ DeFusco, April Estep, Rick Clawges, Bobby Day, Steve and Jody Navakuku, Luke Moncla, Roger Steele, Kevin Jackson, and Danita Lynch for the photographs posted at this website.