***NOTICES:  There are several important notices to relay (updated 12/5/2019)-

  • There are no more "passes" on failure to check out on time.  Anyone who fails to check out by the check-out time will be required to call the Conservation Law Enforcement Officers (CLEOs) to request to have the hold removed.  Call (719) 493-0219, (719) 359-6059, (719) 503-9254, or (719) 502-9320.
  • The kiosk at Gate 1 still works to check out!  You can use smart phone or kiosk to check out.
  • Smartphones and tablets can now be used to check-in and -out for downrange passes on iSportsman.  Checking out at the kiosk is no longer a requirement.  Also, the check-out time for Fort Carson has been changed to 1930 (7:30 pm).  All other aspects of the check-in and -out service remains the same.  This includes the following (but is not all requirements, see FC Reg 200-6 for all requirements):
    • AFTER you check-in on iSportsman, you are required to have the check-in information on a paper that is placed on the dash of your vehicle.
    • You have to check-out of the Block you are in and check into a new Block, BEFORE you go into that new Block.
    • Also, you are required to be checked out no later than 1930 (7:30 pm) AND LEAVE the installation or downrange area IMMEDIATELY upon checking out for the day.
  • ​The earliest check-in time, to get a downrange pass, has changed.  The earliest check-in time is now 2200 (10:00 pm) the night before.  It is no longer midnight. This is still a DAILY pass and no one can physically go downrange until 0400 (4:00 am) the next morning​.  
  • Fort Carson now has an "after hours" cell phone for hunting and fishing recreationist needs during weekends, holidays, and evenings.  At this time, this will only be during the busy hunting season.  The after hours phone number for Fort Carson (not PCMS) is:  (719) 217-3148​.  The weekday, business hours, phone numbers are still: (719) 526-8006 or (719) 526-2975.

All Hunting, EXCEPT Prairie Dog hunting:  CLOSED

Hunting, INCLUDING Prairie Dog Hunting:  CLOSED

For the Following Area(s):

  • Training Area 50 - Small game only and prairie dog hunting, only in Colony 104, shown on map: PD Colony 104 MAP, high velocity​. 
    • TA 50 has a maximum occupancy of six (6) and only small game hunting, including prairie dog colony 104, is allowed.
    • Per the Fort Carson 200-6 Regulation: Prairie dogs can only be shot at or killed with lead free ammunition or full metal jacket (FMJ) and total metal jacket (TMJ) ammunition. Lead pellets or copper-plated (common on 22Ir and some reloads) ammunition is prohibited.
    • Those shooting prairie dogs need to ensure that they are not shooting at non-target species.
    • Quantity of prairie dogs taken is required upon check-out.
    • Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site is NOT open for prairie dog hunting.

**If there has been rain or snow occurring on Fort Carson it is HIGHLY Suggested that you call Range Operations at 719-526-5698 before you head downrange on Fort Carson to verify the road conditions.  If the road conditions are RED, there will not be any hunting available.  Safety is the NUMBER 1 priority.  Thank you.

Check this spot often to ensure changes have not occurred, such as Training Areas closure/Block closure, High to Low Velocity, or change due to military training priorities, needs, or emergencies.

We only update this page when new Blocks or information are provided by Range Control.



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