All Hunting, EXCEPT Prairie Dog hunting: OPEN 14-17 December 2018 (Friday-Sunday)

For the following Blocks:

  • Block 1:  Bird Farm Recreation Area - (2 people max), Low Velocity Only (If you harvested from this area, be respectful and allow other hunters access to this area before the season is over)
  • Block 2:  TAs 9, 10 - (12 people max)
  • Block 3:  TA 13 - (2 people max), Low Velocity Only
  • Block 4:  TAs 24, 25, 28, 29 - (17 people max)
  • Block 5:  TAs 40, 42, 43, 44 (17 people max)
  • Block 6:  TAs 49, 51 - (4 people max)
  • Block 7:  TA 50 - (12 people max), Low Velocity Only

Hunting, INCLUDING Prairie Dog Hunting:  OPEN 14-17 December 2018 (Friday-Sunday)

For the Following Area(s):

  • Training Area 50 - Small game only and prairie dog hunting, only in Colony 104, shown on map: PD Colony 104 MAP​, LOW VELOCITY ONLY
    • TA 50 has a maximum occupancy of six (6) and only small game hunting, including prairie dog colony 104, is allowed.
    • Per the Fort Carson 200-6 Regulation, Wildlife Management and Recreation: Prairie dogs can only be shot at or killed with lead free ammunition or full metal jacket (FMJ) and total metal jacket (TMJ) ammunition. Lead pellets or copper-plated (common on 22Ir and some reloads) ammunition is prohibited.
    • Those shooting prairie dogs need to ensure that they are not shooting at non-target species.
    • Quantity of prairie dogs taken is required upon check-out.
    • Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site is NOT open for prairie dog hunting.

**If there has been rain or snow occurring on Fort Carson it is HIGHLY Suggested that you call Range Operations at 719-526-5698 before you head downrange on Fort Carson to verify the road conditions.  If the road conditions are RED, there will not be any hunting available.  Safety is the NUMBER 1 priority.  Thank you.

Check this spot often to ensure changes have not occurred, such as Training Areas closure/Block closure, High to Low Velocity, or change due to military training priorities, needs, or emergencies.

We only update this page when new Blocks or information are provided by Range Control.



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