Firewood is for personal use only and cannot be resold.

We offer two kinds of Firewood Program options...

  1. Wood Permits are sold at the Forestry Office located in Building 1219, 3rd Floor, Room 343 or 319.
  2. All payments for wood products are by check or money order only and payable to the "U.S. Treasury," no cash or credit card

For additional information regarding the program call 526-1692.

Fort Carson Garrison Wood Program

The Garrison Firewood Program which is wood generated from routine maintenance or removal of tree(s) within the main post is processed into firewood and delivered to the woodlot. The selection of wood will vary, so it is best to call forestry for the types of wood currently available. The woodlot is located near Building 155, which is the Installation Recycle Center. It is located west of the Railhead loading area (approximately a quarter of a mile) from the corner of Wickersham Blvd. and Specker Avenue. Firewood is available Monday-Friday, 07:30 – 15:30, except on holidays. The cost of the firewood is $32.00 for a ½ cord (8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 2 feet high, or 64 cubic feet) as is, there is an additional $8.00 charge for the use of a wood splitter.

Fort Carson Down Range Wood Program

The Down Range Fort Carson Cut-Your-Own Firewood Program allows patrons to cut firewood in designated areas only down range. The majority is in burnt over areas and needs to be removed to expedite the recovery of the forest and to minimize the risk of a future Wildland Fire Events. The wood is dirty, but well seasoned and is ready to burn. The selection of wood varies from unit to unit; down range tree species include ponderosa pine, pinyon pine, juniper and limited oak. The costs of the permits are $10 for half cord of wood, $15 for one cord or $40 for a three-cord maximum. Customers must provide all necessary labor, equipment and vehicle support. A Downrange Pass may be required depending on the area chosen to remove wood from.